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Ninder Ghugianvi "Life & Struggle"

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He feels proud when he goes to that court
The Judge is sitting in the Court. A boy aged 20 is sitting outside on a shabby old wooden bench with a shattered heart. He is wearing a khaki uniform as he is a Class Four employee for the Judge. The Class Four position is called Ardali in India. His job in the court is to call the offenders into the court. He is not happy because he is unsatisfied with his job. He feels like a slave. Why is it?
Getting State Award
Ninder Ghugianvi
He is not a common man. He knows that he was not born to be an Ardali. He is a folk singer and an author. He has been writing since his childhood and his books have been published. He plays a traditional Punjabi musical instrument called a Tumbi (Ik Tara) as well as his writing. He used to present his singing & Musical art as a folk singer, on Indian Radio & Television. But due to his financial circumstances there is no other option for him, but to do his job unwillingly. Since he started this job, he has not been connected to his Inner Artist, due to him working and being a slave to his Judge 24 hours a day!
He works daytime at the court and after this; he works as a personal unpaid servant at the Judge’s house. He cooks his meals and even polishes his boss’s shoes. He feeds milks and cleans his animals. In short he has to do all the household chores for his boss. To save his job he had no choice. He had to do this. In spite of all his hard work he could not make his boss happy or respect him. He is getting more depressed day by day. He wants to run away where he would be a free person to fulfill all his ambitions. Whenever he dreams of this, the very next moment he thinks about his family’s poor financial condition, and he feels helpless with the reality of his circumstances.
Until, one day he had enough of being treated with no respect, and so with all the courage he could find within, he resigned. This is when his life began.
After that incident, that boy wrote his autobiography that was named “Main saan judge da Ardali” which was published in his mother’s tongue of Punjabi. It was also translated In English “I was a servant to a Judge”. This was published in 10 different countries as a weekly serial in Punjabi newspapers. This is a true story that depicted the State Indian judicial system, and how the judicial class 4 employees are used as personal servants. This is not supposed to happen as this is against the law.
This book became so popular that it was published in 7 editions and then translated in Hindi and English languages. This Autobiography also became part of the syllabus at Punjabi university,Patiala India.
Next the boy decided to make a tele-film based on his life experiences, which was a big phit. People loved this common man’s story. London radio (Desi) broadcasted a serial based on this true story.
That common boy became an international fiction writer who has since written 35 books at the age of 33.
When that boy resigned from his job with the Judge and the courts, a few months later he got a position as a gardener at the Punjab Language Department. His role was to water the plants and looked after the garden. Whenever there is any literary function taking place he played his musical instrument Tumbi (Ik-Tara). As he was starting to become popular, some officers in his department started to become jealous. Due to this, controversy happened, and he was fired from that job.
However, no one could stop him from going further, and in time he was selected to be a member of Government Language Department.
Finally his dream came true.
After these achievements whenever he goes to his office he always looks at the plants that he had planted whilst working as a Gardner, and he talks to those plants. What's more, the same officer who fired him from this job as a gardener, started to address him as Mr. Ninder Ghugianvi ji, and treated him with respect.
Sanman-and-thanks giving, to Ninder Ghugianvi and Sarabjit Sohal
On his career path he has been invited to Canada in 2001 and was honoured by the Prime-Minister of Canada for his Literature services. He also was invited by his fans to visit the U.S.A in 2003.
In June 2005 he played his musical Instrument (Tumbi) at London Parliament in front of the Parliament Members and the Indian Community. His efforts towards Punjabi heritage are appreciated and respected all over the world by his fans.
At the present time he is travelling all over Australia.
Brief information about Ninder Ghugianvi ji contribution to Punjabi heritage:
He has researched about the anonymous folk singers of Punjab while with them in their homes.
He has made a couple of documentaries based on Punjabi folk singer’s lives and art.
He produced narrative features for Radio.
His famous books became very popular that were based on Punjab’s folk artists such as:
*Punjab di Koel-Surinder kaur
*Yamla Jatt-Jiwan te kala
*Shiv kumar batalvi
*Puran shah koti
*Balwant Gargi
*Santokh singh Dheer
*Jagdev singh Jassowal

Working for Punjabi University Patiala, he has researched some famous personalities in the Music Industry such as: Yamla Jatt, Karnail singh Paras Master Madan, Nusrat fateh Ali Khan, Lata Mangeshkar and Ustad Bismillah Khan.
In 2005, he wrote a Book named Lok Gayak (Folk singer) for Guru Nanak University Amritsar.
(Courtesy:Punjab Screen India)
Ninder Ghugianvi says that  where he used to work as an Ardali, and now he work within the Language Department and is not the gardener anymore. He now feels content and satisfied when he looks back on his journey as it is a symbol of becoming a true writer and artist.    --By Joginder Kundi 
Ninder Ghugianvi "Life & Struggle"

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